Connect The Comet

Connect The Comet is a new alliance formed in mid-2013 from different seasoned groups and new volunteers. Our primary focus is finishing the Silver Comet Trail so it runs into Atlanta. Our secondary focus is feeder trails for the Silver Comet and general advocacy for bicycle-friendly and walkable communities in Atlanta.

Silver Comet Trail

The Silver Comet is a regionally significant nationally recognized trail built on abandoned CSX rail with acquisition in 1992, and construction from 1998-2008. Some sections opening as early as 1998 and others opened later. It is 61.5mi running from Smyrna to the Alabama border through beautiful communities and Georgia countryside. Combined with the Chief Ladiga trail in Alabama, it is the longest length of trail in the country. It accounts for a huge economic impact and is heavily utilized.


However, It's Not Completed!!!

About three miles of track connects to the Atlanta border. Three more connects to the Atlanta beltline.

Completing the trail would bring an additional significant economic benefit, increase land values, provide a regional connection for metro Atlantans, better bicycle commuting options, connect the beltline and future West-end park, increase safety, and offer a pleasant recreational outlet for a densely populated area.

Let's complete it!


What we are doing

  • We are working with State Legislature, Cobb County, Smyrna City, Atlanta government and PATH to talk with CSX and work out a way forward through partnership or abandonment of the corridor.
  • We are building grassroots support with people like you and keep attention on getting this done.